Surelock Quick Engage 49 Clamp

Surelock Quick Engage are worm drive clamps that have a bind-free, pull-through design for fast installation. This clamp has a screw design for quick fastening and trouble-free tensioning. Additionally, this clamp has an extended housing to engage 25% more screw threads than the competition.

Surelock Quick Engage clamps have a two-piece housing.

Material Specifications

SKU: K49
Band Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Band Width: 9/16"
Corrosion Resistance: Superior
Grade: Specialty
Screw Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Hose Type(s): Various
Housing Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Market Utilization: Automotive, Farm, Food, Garden, Heavy Duty, Home, Industrial, Marine, Medical, Plumbing, Turbo/Forced Air

Part Numbers / Variations

SKUSAE (Size)Min. (Inches)Max. (Inches)Min. (mm)Max. (mm)
K48032321 1/42 1/23264
K48080801 3/45 1/248140
K481281284 1/48 1/2108216
K481801807 3/411 3/4197298
K481901906 3/812 3/8162314
K4821821811 3/1614 5/16284359
K4824224212 11/1615 5/8323397
K4825825813 11/1616 5/8348422
K4828228215 3/1618 1/8386460
K4830630614 1/1619 5/8357498