Snaplock Quick Release 58-0 Clamp

Snaplock Quick Release worm drive clamps are good for closed system applications where the clamp must be disengaged to be applied. The swivel-action locking of screw to band makes installation and removal quick and easy.

Material Specifications

SKU: K58-0
Band Material: 200 Stainless Steel
Band Width: 9/16"
Bridge Material: 410 Stainless Steel
Corrosion Resistance: Good
Grade: Good
Screw Material: 410 Stainless Steel
Hose Type(s): Various
Market Utilization: Automotive, Farm, Heavy Duty, Home

Part Numbers / Variations

SKUSAE (Size)Min. (Inches)Max. (Inches)Min. (mm)Max. (mm)
K5812121/21 1/41332
K5820203/41 3/41944
K5824241 1/1622751
K5828281 2 1/42557
K58363612 3/42570
K5848481 1/23 1/23989
K581041042 7/8773178
K581161161 3/47 3/445197
K581281281 3/48 1/245216
K58188188212 1/451311
K582242242 1/214 1/464362
K58332332221 1/451540