Combo-Hex 54-0 Clamp

Combo-Hex clamps are the clamp professional mechanics choose most often. These are specialty clamps that are used in hard-to-reach areas and feature an exclusive, safety-collared, deep-slotted screw design that prevents screwdrivers from slipping and puncturing the hose wall. Combo-Hex clamps can be installed with a screwdriver, nutdriver or socket wrench.

* Also available in bulk packaging *

Material Specifications

SKU: K54-0
Band Material: 200 Stainless Steel
Band Width: 9/16"
Corrosion Resistance: Better , Good
Grade: Good
Screw Material: Plated Carbon Steel
Hose Type(s): Various
Housing Material: 200 Stainless Steel
Install Torque (in/lb): Up to 35-in-lbs
Install Torque (Nm): 4Nm
Market Utilization: Automotive, Farm, Garden, Home, Industrial, Plumbing
Package Quantity: 10

Part Numbers / Variations

SKUSAE (Size)Min. (Inches)Max. (Inches)Min. (mm)Max. (mm)
K54100101/21 1/161327
K54120121/21 1/41332
K541601611/161 1/21838
K54200203/41 3/41944
K54280281 1/42 1/43257
K54320321 1/22 1/23863
K54360363/42 3/41970
K54440441 1/43 1/43283
K54480481 1/23 1/26489
K54520521 3/43 3/44495

*Minimum for K54480 is 1 1/2″ 38mm.