Heavy Duty Long Band Hose Clamps

Heavy Duty – Long Band Hose Clamps

Screw: 5/16″ Hex Head; 305 Stainless Steel.
Housing: 300 Stainless Steel
Band: 300 Stainless Steel

Need extra large clamps? KSI has your solution.

We supply the strongest, highest quality long band stainless steel hose clamps available. Used in countless applications including expansion joints, large air duct/handling, retrofit, maintenance, HVAC, industrial, marine, dust collection and many other applications – when you need it long, we make it strong!

We can help with a single sample or thousands of pieces and we are just a phone call at 1-800-626-4132 or email away at info@ksigrp.com
Let us know what do you need and we can help today!

Standard Torque Longband Clamps

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Pow’r Gear Hi-Torque Longband Clamps

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Mid Torque Longband Clamps
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