ImpACTie Cable Ties

ImpACTie Cable Ties (40, 50, & 120 lb)

ImpACTie Cable Ties
ACT’s ImpACTie Cable Ties are available in UV Black, or Heat Stabilized Black. We use high quality color concentrates to produce consistent, bright, and vivid colored zip ties, time after time, for easy cable identification. Our zip ties are available in both fluorescent and nonfluorescent color options to suit a wide range of applications such as color coding different cable bundles, identifying critical electric cables, matching colors of packaging options, and other cases of bundling aesthetics.

The colored and fluorescent colored zip tie options are available for the following tensile strengths and lengths:

  • ImpACTie 40 lb Cable Ties (maximum 40 lb. tensile strength; 5″ length)
  • ImpACTie 50 lb Cable Ties (maximum 50 lb. tensile strength; 7″, 11″, or 14″ length)
  • ImpACTie 120 lb Cable Ties (maximum 120 lb. tensile strength; 8″ or 14″ length)
  • UL Recognized/CSA Approved.
  • Available in 100 cable wraps per bag and 10,000 bags per case.
PDF of additional information on the ImpACTie