Heavy Duty Cable Ties (120 lb)

Heavy Duty Cable Ties (120 lb)

Min Cable Ties

ACT’s Heavy Duty Cable Ties measure 0.3″ wide and hold up to a maximum weight of 120 lbs. UL Recognized, ROHS Compliant, and Approved for CSA and Military Specifications (except Heat Stabilized Black ties), these fasteners are safe to use in both commercial and residential applications that need a bundle diameter anywhere between 2″ and 11″.With 120 lb. heavy duty strength, these zip ties are perfect for industrial use at a construction site or other commercial applications needing large wires and cables.

  • Colors – Natural, UV Black, Heat Stabilized Black (please allow 2-week lead time), Multi-Colored and Fluorescent-Colored.
  • All Heavy Duty Cable Ties, except Heat Stabilized Black Cable Ties, are Mil-Spec Approved and ROHS Compliant.
  • UL Recognized/CSA Approved – 5″, 8″, 11″, and 14″.
  • Available in 50 or 100 cable wraps per bag and 500, 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 bags per case. 

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