Cable Tie Cutting and Removal Tools

KSI Cable Tie
Whether you’re an electrician, maintenance and repair technician, assembler, shipping and receiving personnel, installer, retail stocking personnel, or a home owner looking for a cable tie tool, ACT’s Cable Tie Removal Tool is a convenient cable tie cutter that allows you to safely remove zip ties and straps. Measuring 6.5” long and 2.35” wide, the cable tie removal tool can be stowed away in tool belts, pockets, and tool boxes for easy transport. A number of features on the cable tie cutter work to help ensure safe and comfortable operation. Safety guards slide behind the zip tie to ensure protection by preventing the sharp blades of the zip tie cutter from contacting and accidentally scraping the cable bundle. The pair of ergonomic cushion-grip handles are designed to fit the natural shape of the hand’s contraction motion, while the auto-return spring handles reduce the effort required for operation, making the cable tie cutter comfortable and easy to use. Heat-treated alloy steel with a Rockwell hardness range of 53-58 Rc ensures a long life of cutting materials such as plastic, thin copper, and aluminum. Two models are available: both have a standard handle and pointed noise, while one can also strip 12-22 guage and remove cable ties and lacing cords. The zip tie cutter can be used by anyone for many purposes, including repairing and retrofitting wire harnesses and hose assemblies, removing packaged items, prototyping and testing products, and many other industrial and household uses that involve the use of 18 lb. Miniature Zip Ties up to 250 lb. Zip Ties. Drag widget here