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Distributors of Hose CLamps, Threaded Inserts and Cable Ties


Ideal Tridon

Ideal Clamp Products, Inc., is a leading global engineering solutions designer and manufacturer of stainless steel worm gear and specialty clamps for auto, heavy duty, industrial, plumbing, marine and specialty hose clamps used in a broad range of fastening and sealing applications.

Advanced Cable Ties

Advanced Cable Ties, Inc. is a leading, full-line manufacturer of cable ties and wiring accessories proudly made in the USA.

KSI Group

KSI Group is a leading distributor of hose clamps, cable ties and threader inserts used in a wide variety of indistrial uses.

Available Products

KSI Snaplock Clamp

Specialty Clamps

KSI Group Threaded Insert

Threaded Inserts

KSI Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Hose Clamps, Threaded Inserts and Cable Ties

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